Schlafly Taproom! Best of St Louis

Well I’m at the Taproom right now, and there’s a damn good reason for that.  I come here all the time, at least once a month, even though it’s about 130 miles from where I reside.  Today I just went stir crazy though, and had to take the trip, get a hotel room, grab a cab and start enjoying the beery goodness!

Up first was a really nice new beer I haven’t tried yet, the Southern Hemisphere IPA.  It’s the last (I think) of their 20th anniversary series.  Made with exclusively Tasmanian Galaxy hops, it’s quite tasty!  On cask everything from Schlafly is awesome, and this one is no exception.

I also had the Old Ale, an interesting combination of a Barleywine and a Scotch ale, brewed with brown sugar and molasses.  It had a very wine-like smell, but a bit more of a beer like taste, I would venture to say more like that of a Scotch ale

I also chose an old favorite of mine, and one I commonly drink out of bottles at home, the Pilsner.  This is just a great beer no matter how you slice it.  I just wish it came in cans for days of fishin’ out on the lake.

I’m getting a growler of the Southern Hemisphere IPA for Christmas day.  Sounds like a great way to enjoy the holiday!

Had a sample of blackberry mead too, kinda odd really.  Very sour-like in the smell, but not quite as funky in the taste.  Good stuff I suppose if mead is your thing.

Also had a Schwarzbier with my dinner, great stuff!  Dark, almost black, but yet light and really easy to drink, relatively low alcohol at 4.9%. Very tasty stuff!!

Well I’m headed over to play some pool now and listen to the live band.  Definitely check this place out when you’re in St Louis!

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  • alcaponejunior  On December 29, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Well I’m back again at the Taproom, staying for three nights in St Louis!! Right now I’m having a lovely Smoked Porter, planning of following up with some coffee stout, a nice sandwich, some oatmeal stout on cask, and some southern hemisphere IPA on cask too!! And yes, I’m taking a cab back to the hotel!!

    Getting ready for the new year!! I think I will go to the casino later and play some poker…

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