Supporting New Breweries: Piney River

I really like small breweries, especially newly started ones.  I want to try their beers and hope they’re good.  I like to buy their stuff and spread the good word.  I recently discovered Piney River Brewing at my local store.  So far I’ve gotten to try two of their beers, the McKinney Eddy Amber Ale, and the Missouri Mule IPA.  Both are quite tasty!!

McKinney Eddy Amber is quite a malt bomb of an amber ale.  it’s also quite hoppy.  It’s pretty full bodied, yet relatively easy to drink.  Definitely expect a malt bomb though, it’s quite a pungent red.

The Missouri Mule IPA is also somewhat of a malt bomb, but with tons of great hops overflowing with bold taste.  Tons of caramel malt form the base, and great floral and fruity hops bring it on home.  It’s pretty well balanced, and very bold.  The body is amazingly thick and rich too.

These are sold in 16oz cans, which I definitely like.  For one thing, you can’t take bottle fishin’ in most places.  Also, cans are superior in many ways to bottles.  Good job on canning your beers!

So anybody who reads this and can get it, try it.  Support local breweries.  Try Piney River!

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