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1000th Beer Review

Posted my 1000th commercial beer review today.  Decided to go to Freetail Brewing and have some on-tap beer goodness and a pizza to commemorate the occasion. The beer I chose for the occasion was Freetail’s Chipotle Porter.

Flavor and Aroma notes:

Aroma is just a touch of pepper, but lots of roasty, dark malt goodness. Flavor is heavily weighted towards the peppers, it’s pretty spicy and might be a bit more than some beer drinkers would prefer. The staff will be quite forward about it tho, ask for a sample.

Body is medium and leaves a lingering pepper heat.

Overall: Very porter like in appearance and aroma. More pepper-beer like in taste.

Now as pepper beers go, this is a fine one. There’s a good strong pepper presence, with a good little touch of heat. Spicy! But very enjoyable! And the pizza was damn good too!

Yakked with the staff and one of the brewers for a while too. Picked up an Old Bat Rastard for my buddy, and for my self. Great job on making great beer Freetail!

Boulevard Rye-On-Rye

Well I’ve always enjoyed Boulevard beers, especially their wonderful Smokestack Series.  Today it’s Rye-On-Rye, a deliciously spicy barrel aged creation!  This bottle is from 2013.

Auburn and mostly clear, large head that slowly went to a one finger head and lasted from there, lacing good.

Aroma is nice, spicy rye, caramel, wood, vanilla, whiskey, caramelized sugar, lots of spiciness, dark fruits, in some ways almost smells like a quadrupel.

Taste is very complex and will take a while to quantify.  That’s ok, because at 12% ABV, this bottle will take me a while to drink!   The barrel aging is immediately apparent.  Plenty of oak, whiskey, and vanilla come through right away.  There’s again a fruity presence, much like a quadrupel’s fruitiness.  Candi and brown sugar are ever-present.  The spiciness from the rye adds tons of delicious complexity.

Actually this beer is reminding me of Boulevard’s Bourbon Barrel Quad quite a lot.  It’s not the same, but there’s clearly some overlap!  The body is lighter on this beer, it’s about medium,. but smooth as can be and creamy in texture.  Each sip leaves your tongue coated with a lightly vanilla like resinous coating.  Very enjoyable!

Tremendous, as always.  Great job Boulevard!

It doesn’t take some anonymous online blogger to prove to you that Boulevard Smokestack beers are the Bomb.  It take you trying them, and finding out these truths for yourself.  I recommend this beer.  Just don’t plan on going anywhere if you drink the whole bottle to yourself!

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

Well finally decided to try this one, Ruthless Rye by Sierra Nevada.  Very nice!

Pours a nice coppery color, clear, with a great lasting head and nice lacing.

Aroma is very, very good!  Spicy rye, plenty of piney and floral hops, malt balanced.

Taste is also very nice!  It’s plenty spicy, I’m assuming from the rye.  A bit of pepper, some floral notes, pine, citrus, a little earthiness.

Body is pretty full with good smooth carbonation, and a spicy, hoppy finish.

Definitely recommended.  This one is a keeper!

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