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Ranger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter

A truly Texas beer, Ranger Creek MSP is a tasty one that’s in m glass right now!!

Black as night with a monster head that would hardly go away enough to pour the rest of the bottle.

Very smoky, dominated by smoke at every step.  Tastes like a Texas BBQ.  Quite a nice roasty/burnt component, more like a stout than a porter if you ask me.  Some other more subtle flavors and aromas, like coffee, chocolate, and very dark fruits (figs, dates, raisins).

Body is thick and very full, with a pretty heavily smoky aftertaste.

This one is truly the taste of Texas.  Quite enjoyable, especially recommended for fans of smoky beers.

Rogue Chipotle Ale

This is a strange one, but I love it!  Rogue Chipotle Ale.  A few times a year I pick up a bomber of this, and every time I do I am left with a sense of indecision.  However, I never regret picking it up, I’m just never quite sure what I think of it!  It’s an enigma!

I think the rest of the craft beer world also feels some angst over this one.  Rated an 82 on beer advocate, but the Brothers give it a 96 (world class).  I gave it a 3.78/5.  Ratebeer gives it a 73 in style*.  Ratings are not everything tho, this is certainly a must-try!

It pours a very nice orange to amber color, somewhat hazy, with a two finger slightly orange head that slowly fell to about 1/8″ and held there.  Lacing is sporadic.

Aroma is up front malty, with a very subtle pepper presence.  Layered on top of that, there’s somewhat of a light smokiness.  There’s not a whole lot of notable hops aroma.

Flavor wise this beer is an enigma.  I find it to be on the fence between a rauchbier and a pepper beer, and I’m once again feeling angst because of this enigmatic combination of flavors!  There’s a nice fruitiness to compliment the well done maltiness that forms the base flavor for this ale.

The mouthfeel is medium, mildly carbonated, and has a very slight linger of peppers.  You can somewhat feel it in your gut after the bomber is finished.  The pepper heat builds slowly but never overwhelms, it always compliments.

Overall I think this is a very well done and carefully thought out beer, which is one reason I keep drinking it.  Obviously they put a lot of effort into this one, particularly noted by the consistency between batches over the years.  It’s a strange one though, still leaving me wondering exactly how I feel about it every time I drink it.

If you haven’t had a chile beer before, or if you like chile beers, this one is definitely worth a try.  It’s not hot, just “spicy,” so don’t fear that this one is going to be overwhelming or undrinkable.

I see one comment from a reviewer is “don’t drink this with really spicy food.”  The reviewer thought that because the pepper flavor is subtle, hot food would overpower the aroma and flavor.  I tend to agree.

*note: ratebeer lists this as a spiced/herb/vegetable beer, not a chile beer.  I really think that chile beer should be a separate category, and question some of ratebeer’s categories

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