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Upcoming Beers on the Homebrew Front

Well I’ve got a number of things in the queue that I’m real excited about, including several SMaSH beers:

  • Maris Otter / Simcoe SMaSH with WY1968 London ESB Ale Yeast
  • 2-row / Fuggles SMaSH with an extra-long boil to increase malliard reactions
  • Vienna / Cascade SMaSH (yeast?)
  • Another Petite Saison SMaSH fermented at 64-66F (with different base malt/hops this time, TBD)
  • Bleach Blonde Ale IV (it still hasn’t been made, lol, even tho I already blogged it)
  • Elderberry Wheat III (identical recipe, possibly a slightly different yeast)
  • An American Pale Ale with 2-row, munich, vienna, cara-amber, and honey malt, hops schedule TBD, probably an ounce each Cascade/Centennial at 5 minutes with magnum bittering and serebrianka dry hops
  • An American / Oatmeal Stout – I haven’t made a stout in a while and my last one came out GREAT!  (I might just make that one again, or something close to it).
  • “Election Stout” a rather complex but tasty looking pseudo-session beer, recipe by GreenKrusty101
  • Something “session” or “mild,”  Preferably English.
  • A Rye beer, fairly hoppy

Note that I’ve done enough American IPAs and hoppy APAs for the moment.  We’re in different territory now.  Not everything has to be super-hopped.  In fact I’ve had trouble finding commercial beers lately that aren’t IPAs or hoppy APAs.

Boulevard Rye-On-Rye

Well I’ve always enjoyed Boulevard beers, especially their wonderful Smokestack Series.  Today it’s Rye-On-Rye, a deliciously spicy barrel aged creation!  This bottle is from 2013.

Auburn and mostly clear, large head that slowly went to a one finger head and lasted from there, lacing good.

Aroma is nice, spicy rye, caramel, wood, vanilla, whiskey, caramelized sugar, lots of spiciness, dark fruits, in some ways almost smells like a quadrupel.

Taste is very complex and will take a while to quantify.  That’s ok, because at 12% ABV, this bottle will take me a while to drink!   The barrel aging is immediately apparent.  Plenty of oak, whiskey, and vanilla come through right away.  There’s again a fruity presence, much like a quadrupel’s fruitiness.  Candi and brown sugar are ever-present.  The spiciness from the rye adds tons of delicious complexity.

Actually this beer is reminding me of Boulevard’s Bourbon Barrel Quad quite a lot.  It’s not the same, but there’s clearly some overlap!  The body is lighter on this beer, it’s about medium,. but smooth as can be and creamy in texture.  Each sip leaves your tongue coated with a lightly vanilla like resinous coating.  Very enjoyable!

Tremendous, as always.  Great job Boulevard!

It doesn’t take some anonymous online blogger to prove to you that Boulevard Smokestack beers are the Bomb.  It take you trying them, and finding out these truths for yourself.  I recommend this beer.  Just don’t plan on going anywhere if you drink the whole bottle to yourself!

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

Well finally decided to try this one, Ruthless Rye by Sierra Nevada.  Very nice!

Pours a nice coppery color, clear, with a great lasting head and nice lacing.

Aroma is very, very good!  Spicy rye, plenty of piney and floral hops, malt balanced.

Taste is also very nice!  It’s plenty spicy, I’m assuming from the rye.  A bit of pepper, some floral notes, pine, citrus, a little earthiness.

Body is pretty full with good smooth carbonation, and a spicy, hoppy finish.

Definitely recommended.  This one is a keeper!

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