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An Appeal To Everyone On New Year’s Eve, From Al

Please everybody, get home safe.  Take a cab.  Have a designated driver who doesn’t drink.  Take the staff duty bus if you’re military.  Take the regular bus or the train if you’re a civilian.  Budget extra money for public transportation.  Walk.  Even stay at home.  Just make it home safe.  Don’t crash, don’t get arrested, don’t ruin the night for you or anybody else.

I love to party and drink plenty of beer.  This New Year’s Eve I plan to stay in a hotel in St Louis, MO, and take a cab to and from my places of fun.  I’m going to hit the Schlafly Taproom, the Lumiere Casino, and various places between the two.  I plan to have a blast, and also plan to make it back to the hotel in one piece.

Make sure you do the same.

Happy New Year Everybody!!


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