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Bitches Brew!

I just traded for some Dogfish Head and I plan to discuss them all. Picked up a 120 minute IPA, a World Wide Stout, and a Bitches Brew!  I’ve had all three before, all via trades, and the fact that I’ve traded for them all again (despite their pretty damn high cost) speaks volumes about how good they are.

Today I’m going to discuss Dogfish Head Bitches Brew.  I believe this is the third edition of this particular brew, but I’m too lazy to actually confirm that! 🙂

Bitches Brew was brewed in honor of the 40th anniversary of Miles Davis’ 1970 fusion jazz album by the same name.  The bottle even includes the album’s artwork.

As for the beer, it’s damn delicious!

Black with just a tinge of redness, especially in the dark brown one finger head.  Lacing is kind of sparse but ain’t bad.

The aroma is ripe with chocolate malts, roasted and burnt malt notes, honey, coffee.

The taste is a bit more honey-like than the nose, although it’s a pretty nice imperial stout at the same time.  Lots of coffee, chocolate malts, and a good balanced blend of burnt and roasted flavors.

Body is slick, thick, full bodied, and a bit silky, presumably from the honey. As it warms it becomes smoother and silkier.

Overall it’s a very nice brew, and quite interesting too.  I’ve got a bottle on display from the first edition.

I can’t wait to break into the WWS and 120 that I’ve got chillin’ in the fridge, look for my comments on them in the near future!

BTW, anybody who’s got DFH Fort, I need some!  Trade time!

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