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Citra / Munich SMaSH – Citra Bomb From Hell?

EDIT 2: After some discussion on beer advocate homebrew forum, I’m going to UP the citra to EVEN MOAR.  So this recipe will be different than when I first published it.  Slightly edited hops schedule again.  This is the final version that is actually in the fermenter right now.  Toned back just a touch on the extreme overkill so I could have reasonable quantities of my pound of citra leftover, and available for other beers.  I can probably get two more pretty citra beers from what’s left, or perhaps two pale-ale strength brews.    I’m not super crazed over citra, and this will probably be the largest citra addition I’ll use in a beer.  Beyond this one, I’ll probably choose a more balanced hop approach.  This one is intended to be off-balance tho, heavy on the hops, and heavy on the citra.  I just want to see what a super citra-bomb tastes like!   Anyway, enough of the edit, here’s the original post, modified to fit the actual recipe…

Gonna make a SMaSH with Munich malt again, this time with citra hops.  And yes, I’m going to hop the living hell out of it, knowing that I’ll probably create a citra bomb from hell!  Everybody has to over-do it at least once in their lifetime with citra hops, right?  So let’s just do it and see what happens!  I know I will drink every last one, no matter how citra it comes out.  It will technically not be a perfect smash beer, because I’ll use a tiny bit of Belma as the 60 minute bittering charge.  Also, I don’t really think this is over-doing it on the citra, but we shall find out just how wrong I am in a month or so.

  • 12 lbs Munich
  • S-04/US-05 yeast (50/50 mix)
  • 0.5 oz Belma at 60
  • 1 oz citra at 15
  • 1 oz citra at 10
  • 1 oz citra at 5
  • 1.5 oz citra at FO, then cool to 170F and let stand 15 minutes
  • 1.5 oz citra after 15 minute hop stand, while wort is still hot,  let stand another 15 minutes
  • 2 oz citra DH
  • 1.061 OG
  • 47  IBU
  • 12 SRM
  • 6.4% ABV

Wow!! Hop Bomb Alert!! Al’s Red-Eye Ale results

Well batch 4, Al’s Red-Eye Ale, is finally tasted!  It’s been sitting six friggin’ weeks while I was away on work in Arizona.  It’s a bit over-carbonated, probably could have gone into the fridge about three weeks ago, but this leaves it with a monstrous head that really lasts.  There is plenty of lacing too.  Color is about what I wanted, it’s pretty red with tinges of brown and tan.  It’s moderately clear, not completely so, but given my technique I can’t complain at all for how it looks in the glass!

Bitterness… WOW!!  It’s definitely bitter, although not terribly over the top so.  It’s essentially a red IPA, or at least I’m declaring it so.  There’s TONS of hops flavor, that’s for sure!  A bit of an oily mouthfeel is present from all the hops I used.  It’s a HOP BOMB!  Maybe not the Tzar Bomba hoppiest of all hop bombs of all time ever no matter what… but definitely at least a megaton!

The aroma is very nice too.  It’s a bit different, perhaps the combination of Amarillo and Cascade dry hops comprised a special blend that I haven’t tried before.  There’s tons of aroma to boot.  It’s friggin’ good!

I can tell you this:  I’ve bought commercial IPAs that aren’t as good as this one.  It’s pretty good.  I’m not going to declare it a miracle of brewing prowess, but I’m definitely going to drink every single friggin’ bottle, and trade a few too!

This brew tells me that I should back off a little on the hops for my next batch, which is a primarily cascade APA.  I’d like the APA to be a little more of an everyday man’s beer.  Al’s Red-Eye Ale is not for amateurs.

Success.  It tastes hoppy.  It tastes good.  And I brewed it.


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