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Sam Adams Summer Ale Clone

4.5 lbs 2 Row Malt

4.5 lbs Wheat Malt

1 oz lemon peel at 5 min

3 g grains of paradise at 5 min

Mash temp 153°

I’ve wanted to try brewing with grains of paradise, so I’ve finally gotten my chance.

Now there was a bit of a mixup between this brew and my quadro-smash, and this may have been dry-hopped with the hops from that one!  Oh well, we’ll find out when the time comes.  Although I didn’t mean for this to be dry hopped, if ti was, it should merely be “extra tssty.”  The quadro-smash will just be more like any other IPA that’s not dry hopped, so no biggie there. Can’t wait to taste them!

Sam Adams Double Agent IPL

I picked up a mixer twelve pack from Sam Adams today.  I love that they do these mixed 12-packs.  You get a chance to try seasonal beers, and to enjoy some Boston Lager (always two of them in any mixed pack).  I have always enjoyed Sam Adams beers, albeit some more than others, but today I’m actually quite excited about this Double Agent IPL!

Golden to tan and clear, some rising bubbles, a good head and good lacing, a good looking beer.

Aroma is pungently hoppy, smells like an IPA. Spicy, citrusy hops dominate the aroma, complimented by a little bit of maltiness.

Taste is again bold and hoppy, very nice!  Spicy, citrusy (grapefruit, lemon peel, orange peel), with a good balancing slightly sweet maltiness, bready and grassy, delicious!

Drink is off the charts. I just got done with school and I’m thirsty, it’s all I can do to keep from chugging it!

I would happily buy a twelve pack of this. Next time I’m in the grocery store, I’ll see if they have sixers or twelvskies.  I want more!

Great job on this one!

Sam Adams continues to produce fine products, and continues to be an example for any American brewery to look up to.


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