Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Having a bomber of Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Ales.

This is a maibock/helles bock, not a style that I typically drink a lot of.  Part of that might be because there just aren’t that many examples of this style out there.  However, from reading my blog you can see more IPAs, stouts, and pale ales.  This isn’t my favorite style, but I mean to give Dead Guy its due.

Pours a really nice coppery color, mostly clear, with a very good two finger head that lasted and left pretty good lacing.

Aroma is pleasant and pretty heavy on the malt side, as expected.  There’s a good bready malt character, plenty of caramel malt, and some fruitiness.  However, there’s also a good hops presence.

The aroma carries over into the flavor, but with enhanced qualities.  I really like the way the hops are forward in this one, something that’s not typical in any way of a maibock.  The caramel malt, fruitiness, and bready characters form a solid and delicious base, from which the hoppiness just adds character.  With perle and saaz hops, they must have used a lot of hops!  Very nice!

The body is medium and a bit warming, with a lingering spicy hop aftertaste.

There’s nothing typical of this beer.  It’s pretty darn good stuff if you like the helles bock style.  And the bombers are great for re-use in homebrewing! Definitely give it a try.

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