Bleach Blonde Ale IV

Well it’s almost time for another edition of Bleach Blonde Ale.  This time I’ll be using the exact same grain bill as last time, but changing a couple of other parameters.  I like this grain bill, the last edition came out very well.

Wyeast 1332, Northwest ale yeast will be used for NEXT batch.   Wound up using Nottingham yeast.

Honestly I was thinking of trying Serebrianka hops with this one and I might still change the recipe accordingly.  EDIT: decided to go with serebrianka and try them out!  Will use cascade/willamette (belma for tiny bittering charge) next time.

  • 8 lbs pale malt 2-row
  • 8 oz Vienna malt
  • 6 oz caraamber
  • 6 oz carafoam
  • 1 lb flaked corn
  • 0.5 oz serebrianka hops at 60
  • 1 oz serebrianka hops at 15
  • 2 oz serebrianka hops at 5

Mash at 151F


  • OG 1.050
  • FG 1.010
  • IBU 21
  • SRM 5.2
  • ABV 5.3%
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