Bravo/Munich SMaSH

This one is up next!  I’m brewing another smash, meant to showcase the bravo hop and Munich malt.

  • 12 lbs Munich malt
  • o.5 oz bravo at 60
  • 2 oz bravo at 5
  • 2 oz bravo at 0
  • 2 oz bravo dry hop
  • US-05 yeast


  • OG 1.064
  • IBU 45.9
  • SRM 12.3
  • ABV 6.2%

Tasting notes: Came out GREAT!  Very hoppy, I didn’t get the “fruitiness” that a lot of people claim from bravo, but it was still quite hoppy.  I got more of a spicy flavor with fruit notes.  Definitely worth brewing again.  I think a little 2-row along with the Munich would be optimal tho, perhaps up to 50% 2-row.

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  • alcaponejunior  On February 16, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    OG was a little lower than expected at 1.052. I changed the first addition of hops to first wort hops instead of 60 minutes, which should have added about three IBUs. However, I accidentally added an ounce of bravo instead of a half ounce! So it’ll be quite a bit more IPA like than planned, with IBUs in the 70’s LOL.

    Note to self: half an ounce does NOT equal 28 grams!

  • alcaponejunior  On March 22, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    After several weeks, this beer is damn near perfect. Honestly, if there’s a criticism, I’d use 1/2 2-row and 1/2 munich, but otherwise this one came out damn good! I wouldn’t change the hops schedule at all.

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