Hop Stoopid NHC Challenge

Hop Stoopid Clone Challenge – NHC

I was just having a hop stoopid, one of my fav DIPAs.  We kinda drank most of the homebrew, and we’re waiting for more to be ready, so I’m having some commercial brews.  I’ve already reviewed hop stoopid here, but it’s always worthy of discussing it again.

I’ve always loved this beer from the very first time I tried it.  It’s very clean in its bitterness and is near perfection for a DIPA if you ask me.   It’s also a major bargain, well worth the price!  DIPA lovers, if you haven’t tried this one, TRY IT!

The above link is wonderful.  They give you tons of info on how they make hop stoopid.  Plus, they are asking you to bring your home brewed versions for them to taste and discuss!  I’d love to go to their suite at the NHC and submit my version to their head brewer!

The link also has recipes for both all grain and extract.  DAMN COOL of Lagunitas to do this!

I want to try a version of this for my first IIPA.  I need to come up with some simcoe hops first, but rest assured, this one will be brewed by me sooner or later!

Cheers to Lagunitas!


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  • Brian  On February 8, 2013 at 11:03 am

    I too have grown to really like hop stoopid, but I’ve had bad experiences with it three times now when I’ve had it on tap. I tried it first a year or so ago when I saw it in the store, and have faithfully bought it in 22’s since then, so when I saw it on draught in my local bar, I was happy to have found a good DIPA. Unfortunately the beer that was delivered had the hoppy notes of HS, but a strange aftertaste, and oddly thin mouthfeel. Thinking it was a fluke – something wrong with the tap lines or the individual keg – I wrote the experience off as a bad pour. Unfortunately, the same thing has happened to me twice since then in two different bars. I’m holding onto the hope that I’ve simply been unlucky with the pour on three different occasions. Have you ever had this expereicen with it?
    Gotta say, I’ll still buy it in the bottle though! Cheers!

    • alcaponejunior  On February 8, 2013 at 11:34 am

      I have never had it on tap, so I’ll have to look for it and try it. Hopefully there won’t be an issue. If there is, I would notify Lagunitas. I’m sure they don’t want their beer served anything less than optimally, and if there’s a quality issue with their kegs, I bet they’ll get right on it.

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