I have never been so excited over Malt Liquor!


Full Sail Brewer’s Share Initial Pub Offering Malt Liquor

I am friggin’ amazed!   Brewed with Hallertau hops?

I picked this up from Gabriel’s in San Antonio.  I mostly have always drank malt liquor when I’ve been either po, or just in a cheep beer mood.  Ever since Dogfish Head came out with the non-gettable Malt Liquor of their own, I’ve been wanting to try some craft malt liquor (no, it’s not an oxymoron).  Today I got my chance, and WOW!

Let me just say that I am impressed.  This beer is delicious!

Very happy to have just purchased this beer from Gabriel’s in San Antonio!  I can already tell you that I am going to get more of this one just in case they run out!

22 oz bomber.

Pours a nice clear tan color with slight orange notes.  Head and lacing weren’t bad at all.

Aroma is already FAR beyond any malt liquor you’ve ever tried.  It’s incredibly complex, assuming from the (probably generous amounts of) Hallertau hops.  It’s not overpowering like an IPA, rather more delicate and subtle, but wonderful!  I get tons of herbal and grassy notes, a delicate peppery smell, and some fruitiness.  It would be impossible to categorize this as a malt liquor if this were blind and you were just going by aroma (and maybe taste, see next paragraph).

Flavor… again, WOW!  Very nice!  The peppery spiciness is more apparent now, as is the fruitiness.  Although it’s got some malt-liquor like properties (a little sweet corn, grainy notes, some light alcohol), it’s more between a strong dry pale ale and a very strong, hoppy lager.

Body is dry and light, alcohol apparent on the backside, and overall just plain delicious.  And the spirit of the American Malt Liquor is not lost either!  All it needs is a brown bag (aka poor man’s koozie).

It has the other property of malt liquors… I’m only on my second beer of the day and I’m already a bit buzzed!

Just amazing, great flavor, great aroma, great body, great job Full Sail!

This is malt liquor! Best Evah!

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