Hop Stoopid!

A great beer from Lagunitas, Hop Stoopid is a great IPA that hop heads will probably love!

“102 IBU 4 U” on the label.

Orange and pretty clear. One finger head and good lacing.

A rather unique smelling brew.   Tons of hoppiness and loads of citrus.  Very clean smelling.

Definitely bitter, but very clean tasting.  Fruity and citrus flavors complement the bitterness. Not much in the way of maltiness. A fair degree of sweetness.  Clean tasting.

Pretty good medium body feel. Medium carbonation. Long lasting bitterness. Alcohol warming.

Drink is good and the beer finishes clean.  I was surprised that my Busch drinking brother found this one tasty!  The clean hops profile, without pungent maltiness, makes this beer very drinkable.

Highly recommended for hop-heads!

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