From the Schmaltz Brewery, Freaktoberfest is an interesting and tasty beer treat!

Pours blood red and perfectly clear, head is a bit on the pink side and lacing is not bad at all.

Caramel malts, grains, sweet toasty malts, and a little fruit make up the aroma.

Taste wise it’s not too far off from a Marzen or Octoberfest.  Nice caramel malts and toasty, bready malts make up the bulk of the flavor.  Hop bitterness is present in a balancing way, but isn’t the main attribute.  It grows some as it warms though.

Body is lager-y and pretty easy drinking, yet full and right on the money for a marzen or Octoberfest style beer.

I think it’s another very interesting beer from Schmaltz, one of my favorite US breweries!

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