Temperature Control!

Just picked up a chest freezer and Johnson temperature controller.  It’s already pretty close to spot-on, only off by a degree or two.  I can fit two buckets at a time, or an eight-gallon fermentation bucket and a carboy.  Now while I could do lagers, I’m sticking to ales for the moment.  I’m going to perfect my ale processes before moving on to lagers.  Besides, I’m more of an ale man anyway!

Also picked up a turkey fryer for brew-day.  Finally moving this shindig outdoors!  Only thing left to pick up is a bigger pot (eight gallon) and a recirculation pump for cooling the wort.  The ambient temperature does not lend for water cold enough out of the tap to cool wort properly, so I’ll be adding some more to my system!!

I think my next beer with either be an amber with fuggles and sweet orange peel, or an all Belma hops IPA.

Let’s get ready to brew some beer!

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