New Glarus!

OMG!  New Glarus Brewing makes the most incredible beers… evah!  I am a huge fan of fruit beers, and New Glarus has the BEST!
Between their fantastic Enigma sour ale, their outstanding Raspberry Tart, their tremendous apple ale, and the vast array of fantastic offerings they produce, I vote for New Glarus as being one of the top ten breweries EVER!

Tonight it’s Belgian Red, a great cherry-based beer that’s incredible in every way.  Here’s my impressions as my taste buds explode with beery, fruity deliciousness…
Pours a dark red, almost purple color, a bit hazy with a one finger pink head and pretty good lacing.

Amazing aroma, cherries blasting everywhere.  It’s like you died and went to cherry heaven.

Taste is simply amazing.  You can tell this is a wonderfully produced product that is carefully crafted each and every time.  So much wonderful cherry flavor, sweet and almost candy like.

The body is light, highly drinkable, and delicious.  Cherry flavors permeate every ounce of your soul when you drink this one!

Between the raspberry tart and Belgian red, New Glarus has pretty much cornered the market on great fruit beers.

If you get a chance to try some New Glarus, you’ll see that it’s clearly Wisconsin’s best.  Great stuff!

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