Elderberry Wheat Beer

Well I’m going to try a very simple wheat beer, with a few elderberries added for color and flavor.  The final SRM is only supposed to be about 4 (according to the calculator, lol) but I’m quite sure the elderberries will add quite a bit of color.  There are no specialty grains for this one, so it should be quick and easy.  I’ll be using Wyeast Bavarian Wheat Yeast on this one, along with a good amount of wheat extract, and some Saaz and Hallertau hops.  Easy as pie!

  1. prepare checklist
  2. lay out ingredients and equipment
  3. Bring 4 gallons water and wort chiller to a boil
  4. add liquid wheat extract and boil one hour
  5. add 1 oz hallertau at 60 minutes
  6. add 4 oz dried elderberries at 20 minutes
  7. add 1/4 tsp Irish moss powder at 15 minutes
  8. add 1 oz saaz at 10 minutes
  9. turn on wort chiller and cover at 0 minutes
  10. sanitize spoon, thermometer, bucket, wine thief
  11. when wort gets to about 70F, strain into fermentation bucket using sanitized strainer
  12. take OG reading with sanitized wine thief
  13. thoroughly aerate wort with sanitized stainless steel spoon
  14. ensure wort is 70F or a little less before pitching yeast
  15. pitch yeast
  16. gently stir using sanitized stainless steel spoon
  17. install sanitized bucket lid and airlock
  18. ferment in closet for 12-15 days at 67F ambient air temp.
  19. use 4 oz corn sugar at bottling

Targets: OG: 1.055    FG:  1.015     IBU: 20    SRM: ?    ABV: 5.2

Actual OG: 1.052

Actual FG: 1.018


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  • alcaponejunior  On July 22, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Well a few things. First, it wasn’t five gallons, it was about four, with 100% boil and essentially no added water. Got the targets, fine by me.

    Next, I am happy to report that just a few hours after pitching, the bucket is bubbling away big time! This starter batch seems to be a real success. The high krausen was obvious and I pitched just a few hours after the high krausen passed, pitched the whole thing.

    I hope it comes out good. All indicators say that this one is at least off to a good start.

  • alcaponejunior  On August 6, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Bottled today. FG 1/018. Looked kinda brown with a tinge of purple, cloudy. Smelled and tasted like it’s going to come out well!

  • alcaponejunior  On August 16, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    Day ten after bottling and I just popped one today. It’s friggin’ really good! I’m quite pleased once again! TONS of body, a nice lightly fruity and yeasty smell, flavor is pretty damn good, nice and yeasty, carbonation is already good enough, should be perfect after a few more days! I’m actually quite surprised that this all extract, no specialty grains, low hops brew came out this good. There’s even a light elderberry taste and a tinge of purple to the color, making it a deep copper to slightly purple color, with a slight haze. Truly I am pleased with the results here, cheers to elderberry wheat beer!

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