Tallgrass Brewing – IPA tasting

Well Tallgrass Brewing is definitely worth trying some of their beers.  I like this brewery.  I like that they specialize in cans, thus allowing you to take their beers fishin’ or to the lake.  I really like that they are very supportive of homebrewers, as you can see in their northern brewing clone kits page.

Today I’m tasting their IPA.

Serving: 16oz can, very fresh (it was just brewed a couple weeks ago!) served in a 20oz Schlafly sip club glass.

Appearance: kind of tannish orange and a little hazy, with  lots of very fine rising bubbles.  The head was really nice, lasting all the way to the last sip, leaving great lacing.

Smell: nice!  A balanced malty and piney/grapefruit aroma, lots of hops, even a little bit oily but not overly in your face with bitterness.

Taste: this is a very tasty IPA.  It’s pretty malty, maltier than many IPAs, but the balanced approach you detect in the smell follows through to the taste.  Nice piney grapefruit and a little fruitiness come through nicely.

Body: very thick for an IPA, great mouthfeel and finish.

Overall: I like to pick this one up when I need cans (i.e. fishin’) or when I’m in the mood for a malty IPA.  Definitely a tasty beer that’s worth a try.

I’m also quite fond of the Halcyon Wheat and the Buffalo Sweat from Tallgrass, and I can’t wait to try the new 8-bit pale ale!  I have high hopes that Tallgrass will continue to experience successes and keep on making great beer!


EDIT: having their flagship beer today, Tallgrass Ale, a brown ale.  Quite tasty.  ABV is pretty low at 4.45% (I think, too lazy to look it up again, lol).  Nice nutty, malty, caramel and light cocoa flavors.  It’s a pretty nice brew considering I don’t even really like brown ales that much!  Great stuff!!

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