Schlafly – More Notes and a tasting

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Schlafly is one of my favorite breweries.  They have a number of rock-solid brews that I’m always in the market for, including their Pilsner, Oatmeal Stout, Coffee-Stout, Quadrupel, Tripel, Kolsch, Barleywine, American IPA, Dry-Hopped APA, Imperial Stout, Summer Lager, and everything they ever put on cask at their Taproom.

I’ve tried and reviewed around seventy beers by Schlafly, and they’re all fine beer creations.  I have my favorites, and some are better than others, but there is no argument that Schlafly Brewing produces fine beers.  I admire the craftsmanship and effort they put into producing a great line of beers every year, every season.

Today I’m trying the Raspberry Hefeweizen (again).

Appearance: kind of a notably pinkish-tan color, somewhat cloudy, with a one finger pinkish-white head that dissipated fairly quickly.  Lacing was minimal.

Smell: Notable raspberries although not overpoweringly so.  Some wheat and some yeasty aromas come through.  Light, but nice.

Taste: a pretty nice brew.  The fact it’s a hef comes through in a gentle, non-overbearing way, accented with subtle yet ample raspberries.

Body/mouthfeel: light and easy to drink.  Aftertaste is lightly raspberry with a little yeast.

Overall: pleasant, a good summer brew, even if not spectacular.

What I like about this beer is its simplicity and subtleties.  The raspberry is very nice, lightly sweet with a touch of tart, but not sicky-sweet or too in your face.  Not that I don’t like heavily fruity beers – in fact I love them.  But that wasn’t what I was looking for here, I was looking for a lightly fruity lawnmower beer, and that’s what Schlafly provides in this brew.

Do I think this is Schlafly’s best beer ever?  Definitely not.  But it’s tasty and light and the ABV is moderate, so if you’re just thirsty on a hot summer day, go ahead and try it.

I still think the everyday go-to beer from Schlafly is their Pilsner.  It really should be their flagship beer.  Well, that and the APA.  If you’re at the taproom, make sure to get a growler, you won’t be disappointed!

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