Wow!! Hop Bomb Alert!! Al’s Red-Eye Ale results

Well batch 4, Al’s Red-Eye Ale, is finally tasted!  It’s been sitting six friggin’ weeks while I was away on work in Arizona.  It’s a bit over-carbonated, probably could have gone into the fridge about three weeks ago, but this leaves it with a monstrous head that really lasts.  There is plenty of lacing too.  Color is about what I wanted, it’s pretty red with tinges of brown and tan.  It’s moderately clear, not completely so, but given my technique I can’t complain at all for how it looks in the glass!

Bitterness… WOW!!  It’s definitely bitter, although not terribly over the top so.  It’s essentially a red IPA, or at least I’m declaring it so.  There’s TONS of hops flavor, that’s for sure!  A bit of an oily mouthfeel is present from all the hops I used.  It’s a HOP BOMB!  Maybe not the Tzar Bomba hoppiest of all hop bombs of all time ever no matter what… but definitely at least a megaton!

The aroma is very nice too.  It’s a bit different, perhaps the combination of Amarillo and Cascade dry hops comprised a special blend that I haven’t tried before.  There’s tons of aroma to boot.  It’s friggin’ good!

I can tell you this:  I’ve bought commercial IPAs that aren’t as good as this one.  It’s pretty good.  I’m not going to declare it a miracle of brewing prowess, but I’m definitely going to drink every single friggin’ bottle, and trade a few too!

This brew tells me that I should back off a little on the hops for my next batch, which is a primarily cascade APA.  I’d like the APA to be a little more of an everyday man’s beer.  Al’s Red-Eye Ale is not for amateurs.

Success.  It tastes hoppy.  It tastes good.  And I brewed it.


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  • Brett Underwood  On May 18, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    Tasted that tonight, finally. I agree with your description. I think maybe the extra carbonation evens out the hoppy bite, but there is plenty of delicious hop and rye there and, yes, it laces the class nicely. Good job with this one!

    • alcaponejunior  On May 19, 2012 at 6:33 am

      Yeah about the carbonation – it was my first try using five ounces of priming sugar instead of four, AND I was away on work for six weeks, so they sat at room temp for a long time. They’re probably a bit over carbonated, but I’m quite happy with it anyway; Cheers!

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