One Awesome Box – Story BIF

The Story BIF was an event where everybody had to send a box of beer, plus a story, to their recipient.   The story had to include each of the beer’s names somewhere in the story as part of the criteria.  I’m rather proud of my story, especially since I won the bonus box (voted on by the forumites).  However, the real story here was the EPIC haul I got from Alewatcher!  Here’s the links:

Story, part 1

Story, part 2

The Haul

Here’s the pics and list of what Alewatcher sent me, truly Epic!!

Pic 1 from left to right
Stone sublimely self-righteous
Stone smoked porter
JP Oro de Calabaza
DFH chateau jiahu
DFH fort– 07
DFH Red & White
Stone Vertical Epic 10
Stone IRS
Surly Coffee Bender
Surly CynicAle

Pic 2;
FFF tulip pint (my favorite style glass for IPAs)
Summit unchained imperial pumpkin porter
DFH olde school
RR temptation
Weheinstephaner Heffe
Sam smiths Yorkshire stingo
Weyerbacher Insanity (bomber)
Pannepot 07
DFH 120 minute IPA- I think from 07
NG Enigma
Yahoo Sue

Absolutely the best box I’ve gotten yet in a BIF.  Thanks Alewatcher!!

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