Math Trade 5

The Math Trade 5 is a BIF event where each person offers up three “puts,” and then bids on four “wants” for each beer you’ve put up for trade.  Neorunner then does some magical, mystery mathematics and tries to match everyone up with both a target for the beer they offered, and an incoming beer that they wanted from their choices.  This is the fifth math trade event, and the second one I’ve participated in.

You are not guaranteed to connect in this trade.  Each person can put up to three puts, and bid on four beers they want per put.  If you don’t put up anything that someone else wants, you’re not going to wind up connecting. Also, if everybody in the universe wants the beers you’re bidding on, you also may not connect.  You can connect up to three times if you are lucky, if you offer beers that people really want, and if you choose wisely.

My plan on this round is to bid on beers that I don’t think are going to be SUPER sought after, thus increasing my chances of connecting.  I won’t be bidding on Kate the Great, Darkness, Dark Lord, Hunaphu, or anything super-rare.  I’ll be bidding on beers that I think are pretty fair trades for my puts.  I believe my puts are great beers, but I realize they aren’t super rare whales!

On the first round that I participated in (math trade 3), I only connected once, offering up Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad.  My other puts may not have appealed enough to connect.  Still, I was happy.

This time I am offering up 2008 Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, 2011 Bouelvard Saison-Brett, and Fantome Saison.

The puts are in, and the next step is selection.  A spreadsheet with all the beers will be posted online.  Each person selects four beers they want per put that they offered.  When that is completed, the next step is Math!

Don’t ask me what math actually gets done, I don’t know and I’m not worried about it.  However, when that math is done, we’ll know who hooked up with what.  That’s what I’m waiting for!!

I feel confident that I will connect on this one, especially with the saison-brett.  Wish me luck!

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