Experimenting with Mr. Beer

Here’s the history of what I’ve done with Mr. Beer so far:

I’ve been working with another guy who has the same kit, so we’ve brewed four batches so far.

Batch #1 was a Mr. Beer prepackaged kit, West Coast Pale Ale.  It’s brewed and in bottles, about ready to drink.  Haven’t tried it yet.

Batch #2 was another Mr. Beer prepackaged kit, Weisenbier.  It too is bottled and almost ready to drink.

This weekend we will find out how the first two batches came out!

Batch #3 was Canadian Draft, another prepackaged kit.  It was just bottled yesterday.

Batch #4 was also prepackaged, Vienna Lager.  Also bottled yesterday.  This one has really good looking young beer, I’m most excited to try this one!

Batches 3 and 4 were bottled in both the PET bottles from Mr. Beer, but also in glass bottles (22oz and 12oz).  I’m very interested to see how these come out in the glass bottles.

My Mr. Beer experiments should be giving way to a five gallon kit right at the turn of the new year.  I’m going to start with a single fermenter bucket, a bottling bucket, and use exclusively 22oz bomber bottles.  I’ll start with simple extract recipes, probably a pale ale or IPA to start with.  I’m reading How To Brew by John J. Palmer right now and learning a lot.  I can’t wait to brew the first five gallon batch!

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