Beer, Brewing and other stuff

Hey everybody, this is my blog to help keep track of my beer adventures, and to keep track of and discuss “other stuff.”  My username on both Beer Advocate and is alcaponejunior.

I’ll periodically be updating with hauls from my beer trading adventures.  Currently I’m involved with two person-to-person trades, and one BIF*, the Math Trade 5.

Another thing I’m doing lately is getting into brewing.  I’ve been messing with the small, but easy to use Mr Beer kit.  I’ve done four batches so far.  I plan to buy a 5 gallon setup and start brewing more complex batches right at the beginning of 2012.   I’ll start with extract brewing, simple recipes, and increase in complexity as I gain experience. I’ll be discussing that more in the future.

In the meantime, I’m often found on the Bad Science Forums under the name al capone junior.

Looking forward to writing more and adding links.  Cheers!


*beer it forward, a group trade

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